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The objective of our company is customer satisfaction consisting in quality and reliability of deliveries and prices. The long-term tradition of our company in printing quality publicity materials presenting products of domestic and foreign companies is the guarantee of achieving the expected quality, and the good starting point for continuing development of the company.

We continually expand our offer of services and new technologies. By installing the new Komori machine (May, 2012), we are newly able to print with UV inks, UV varnishes, disperse and UV drip-off varnishing. In May, 2012, we obtained the FSC® (the responsible forestry mark) certificate. Thus, we expanded our offer with the possibility of printing products with the FSC® certificate.

FSC UNIPRESS certificat
  • Magazines, newspapers
  • Leaflets, flyers
  • Publicity prints
  • Books
  • Annual reports
  • Picture postcards
  • Presentation folders
  • Letterhead envelopes
  • Letterhead papers
  • Business cards
  • Calendars
  • Guard-book
  • Paper bags
  • Boxes, packaging
  • Banners