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UNIPRESS Turnov Printing House

We are among the largest and most modern equipped printers in the Liberec region and its surroundings. We are building on more than a century printing in Turnov.

Letecký snímek UNIPRESS

We offer our customers high-quality offset printing in B1 and B2 formats. We can also offer a number of less traditional aspects of printed product processing that give them an attractive appearance. For instance, we offer the Color Logic Metallic Color System technique, classical UV ink print techniques, possibility of in-line varnishing with disperse as well as UV varnishes, broad options of special-effect UV varnishes, such as drip-off.

Our prints can be provided with die-stamping using metallic as well as matt foils, which can be stamped on paper sheets up to 106 x 76 cm; also with blind embossing, cut-outs, all-over/partial varnishing, including UV, gloss, matt and textured lamination. For processed orders, we can meet customers' requirements for unusual forms of bookbinding and packaging.

We have also extended our assortment of finished processing with gluing of various pockets in covers for leaflets, including gluing of boxes using the MOLL universal gluing machine and gluing in folding machines allowing performance of V1 glued binding, as well as mailing items with tear-off perforation. In June, 2012, we commissioned the HIGHER SL-1060MT machine. This is a die-cutting machine allowing hot foil die-stamping. It can also perform creasing, perforating and cold relief stamping on papers, cartons and folding and micro-corrugated cardboards up to 106 x 76 cm in size. A broad number of combinations, high accuracy and performance. In May, 2015, we commissioned the new Lamina 1116 SA PB-DS sheet laminating/mounting machine. This machine is equipped with an automatic substrate sheet feeder, manual top sheet feeder, precision gluing unit with automatic glue application, laminating station with automatic front and side register system, pressure and stacking station, and a PLC control system with a touch screen monitor.

The objective of our company is customer satisfaction consisting in quality and reliability of deliveries and prices. The long-term tradition of our company in printing quality publicity materials presenting products of domestic and foreign companies is the guarantee for achieving the expected quality and a good starting point for continuing development.

We can print for you magazines, books, annual reports, leaflets, various folders, publicity prints, postcards, presentation folders, letterhead envelopes, letterhead papers, business cards, calendars, binders, paper bags, boxes, packaging, billboards, maps and many other items.

Our website also contains a lot of information on print data preparation and other terms related to printing.