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Tips on the Web

Data submission


We accept printing data in the PDF format.

Data can be submitted via e-mail (low volumes), to our FTP server (larger volumes), on CD/DVD, on a flash disc, or sent via a server for data transmission (e.g., www.uschovna.cz).

For sending to our FTP server, ask for the access information, and always send an e-mail message notifying of the data saving along with a description - folder, file name, parameters, order title, format, extent, notes, etc.

We recommend to provide for each order a print dummy or a control copy; it is a must for more complex orders. Also suitable is a certified proof print for a colour check, specifically for prints with demanding graphics or colours (photo publications, calendars, etc.).


For checking purposes, we can make:

  • Certified proof of Conformity with printing standard.
  • Plotter preview (after the RIP) for checking the output (errors in PDF), sheet assembly, print dummy, etc.

Any questions to be addressed to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Certified proof epson 300



"Data submission" section

Here, you can find a lot of information and hints for creating correct PDFs for offset and digital printing complying with present European standards. Files prepared in this way should generally suffice for all printing houses and studios with modern preprint processing, and minimise potential errors in the order processing that follows.

If you need a graphic design and processing of your order, use the services of our DTP studio.

The section "Data submission" is not completely translated.