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Speciální technologie v Unipressu - ColorLogic, Drip off...

  • CTP
  • Komori
  • Heidelberg H5
  • MBO
  • Stahl
  • Binding
  • Sagitta

New UV platesetter


UV platesetters, fully automated plate line with autoloader, transport and processing.

  • Imaging resolution 1800-3600 dpi
  • Output speed 38 plates B1/hr
  • 96 Laser channel
  • Full automatic plate load
  • Autoloader AL-46M3-50N
  • Online Plate Processor Glunz & Jensen Tiger 125
  • Compact Plate Stacker
Min. format 450 x 370 mm
Max. format 1160 x 940 mm


New modern offset printing machine


Five-colour B1 format machine with an in-line varnishing station and an extended unloader allowing printing with conventional and UV inks and varnishes

  • the machine in the H equipment class has the highest level of automation
  • printing with conventional inks with optional in-line varnishing with disperse varnishes
  • conventional UV ink printing technique with optional in-line varnishing with UV varnishes, including wide options for use of special-effect UV inks and varnishes
  • standalone UV varnishing
  • swapping and combining the above-described techniques is possible in very short times during normal operation
Min. format 560 x 360 mm
Max. format 1030 x 720 mm
Max. print area 1020 x 710 mm
Min. paper thickness 0,06 mm
Max. paper thickness 1 mm
Max. print speed 16 500 turns/hour


Heidelberg CD 74

Modern offset printing machine


Five-colour B2 format machine with a varnishing aggregate equipped with a box squeegee

Min. format 350 x 210 mm
Max. format 740 x 530 mm
Min. paper thickness 0,03 mm
Max. paper thickness 0,8 mm
Max. print speed 15 000 turns/hour

Heidelberg CD 75 detail

  • Alcol alcohol damping
  • Varnishing unit, extended delivery
  • Remote control of fountains and registers
  • Semi-automatic printing plate loading
  • Automatic washing of inking rollers and offset coatings

Heidelberg CD 74 pult


mbo k8 comfort

New folding machine and stacking delivery

MBO K8 Comfort - FP 800

Palamides alpha 500 plus

Powerful and accurate folding machine with a high level of automation equipped with the Palamides Alpha 500 Plus stacking delivery

Min. format 170 x 250 mm
Max. format 780 x 1200 mm
Paper weight 50 až 250 g/m2
Max. speed up to 235 m/min.
Fold length from 60 mm
Stack height up to 120 cm


Palamides alpha 500 328x200

mbo detail


Stahl falcovacka

Stahl KD 78

Combined folding machine


  • up to 10 folds + 1 blade fold
  • up to 6 parallel + 2 cross folds
  • various additional combinations
Min. format 150 x 200 mm
Max. format 780 x 1160 mm
Min. paper weight 35 g/m2
Max. paper weight 280 g/m2

Quickbinder V2

Wohlenberg Quickbinder

Excellent perfect binding quality is guaranteed by a high-quality spine preparation station

  • Perfect binding
  • Swiss binding
  • Cloth or mull pasting over book spines
  • Gluing with polyurethane as well as hotmelt glue
  • High quality spine processing
Min. format 105 x 140 mm
Max. format 320 x 430 mm
Max. speed 2 000 cycles/hour
Product thickness 2 – 70 mm

Sagita - laminace

KOMFI Sagitta 76

Laminating machine allowing lamination from 100 g/m2

  • order completion up to the B1 format
  • automatic sheet feeder with the Komfi feeding head
  • sheet feeding from pallets
  • laminating roller heated with a five-zone electric heater
  • automatic separation using a perforator or rotary blades
  • automatic control of sheet overlap
Min. format 300 x 240 mm
Max. format 1020 x 760 mm
Max. speed 50 m/min.
Laminating foil thickness 24-50 μm
Laminating foil type OPP, PET, Nylon